About T&R Welding Systems

Since 1972, customers have relied on us to weld the right way, with the right materials, according to their budget and time frame. If you desire a first-rate weldment or weld repair, and want the experience necessary to ensure high-quality results, then turn to T&R Welding Systems. You’ll be confident in our capabilities from the beginning. Our many years in the business have introduced us to countless applications for diverse industries. The challenges we have faced, and the solutions we have provided, give us a competitive advantage over other welding companies. It’s an advantage we sustain by making on-going investments in skilled personnel and advanced technology. From project analysis through quoting, production, quality assurance and delivery, you can expect excellence from us to support your success.

At our facility we have 40,000 square feet of workspace with 2 ten ton cranes capable or traveling 300 feet a piece and 17 feet under hook height.  We have free trucking available with a capacity of 23,000 lbs.  T&R Welding continually adds and upgrades equipment to meet the requirements of our customers. The list below represents our general investment in equipment.

Welding Equipment
4-Miller CP-300
4-Miller S52E
2- Miller Syncrowave 250
8- Syncrowave 300
1- Miller Deltaweld 650
1- Miller D52A
10-Miller Coolmate 4
2- Lincoln Squarewave 355
1- Airco Bumblebee 400
1- Airco 300 AC/DC Heliwelder
10-Airco Flowmeter Regulator
1- Systematic Push Pull Feeder & Gun
1- Bug-O 30’ Automated Line Welder

Grinders Tool and Cutter
1-1/2 HP Dayton Double End Bench Grinder
1-1 HP Dayton Double End Bench Grinder
1-3/4 HP Sears Craftsman Double End Bench Grinder
4-1/3 Dayton Double End Bench Grinder

Saws, Miscellaneous
1-Model 20-22 Everett Abrasive Cutoff Saw

Tap Extractor
1-Allman Model 10-A Tap Extractor Floor Model, Swivel Arm

1-Model 3127H Dvorak Universal Ironworker

Welding Positioners
1-Model 30-6 MVRMTAB Pandjiris Welding Positioner
1-Model C-F 140 Welding Positioner
1-Model C-1000 Aronson Portable Welding Positioner
1-Welding Positioner with 30″ x 30″ T-Slotted
Table. Power Rotary. Tilting Type
1-Model C1000 Aronson welding Positioner

Lifting and Moving Equipment
1-1500# Capacity Rol Lift Protable Battery Operated Lift Truck
1-3500# Capacity Hyster Battery Operated Fork Lift Truck
1-8000# Capacity Hyster Fork Lift Truck Equipped With Side Shifter
1-1500# Capacity Rol Lift Protable Battery Operated Lift Truck
3- Konecranes Floor Mounted Jig Cranes, Equipped With 1 Ton Electric Hoists
2-10 Ton R&M Double Girder Traveling Overhead Crane with Pendant Control
1-2 Ton Konecranes Single Girder Traveling Overhead Crane with Pendant Control
1-Portable Manual Lift Truck
1-Pallet Lift Truck

1-George Koch Oven 600 Degrees – 36″ x 60″ x 48″
1-Despatch Oven 600 Degrees – 18″ x 24″ x 36″
1-Knights Of Dallas Oven 2000 Degrees – 14″ x 14″ x 36″

Milling Machinery
1- DeVlieg Model 96 Horizontal Jig Mill 8’ X 8’ 5” Spindle X 48”
1- Seiki XL 16″ X 36″ Travel W/Newall Readout
1- Millport 12″ X 24″ w/Newall Readout
1- Cincinnati Lathe 18″ X 72″
1- Chevalier 6″ X 18″ Surface Grinder

Inspection Equipment
2- 24″ x 36″ Surface Plate
1- 18″ Starrett Height Check Gauge
Assorted Micrometers, Indicators, Height Gauges

1-Hydraulic Shop Press, With Movable Table Traveling Head, Capacity 100 Tons

Miscellaneous Equipment
1-12″ Diameter Disc Sander, with Tilt Table Mounted on Stand
1-Model PF-3648 Empire Two-Hole Sandblaster
1-Welding Table, T-Slotted 12″ Long W/Stand
1-48″ x 96″ Cast Iron Surface Plate W/Stand
1-18″ x 36″ Cast Iron Surface Plate

Drilling Machines, Single Spindle
1- Model 90Dp Ellis Single Spindle Floor Model Round Column Drill Press
1- Type S600P Feeler Single Spindle Floor Model Round Column Drill Press
1- Type 2501 Clausing Arboga Floor Model Drill Press
2- Magnetic Base Portable Drill Press

Saws, Vertical
1-Model 8 Mark I Marvel (Armstrong-Blum) Vertical Cutting Band Saw
1-Model II Series – Marvel (Armstrong-Blum) Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw
1-20″ Throat Powermatic Model 87 Vertical Cutting Band Saw

Saws, Horizontal
1- Doall Model C-1216A 14” Horizontal with Automatic Indexer
1- Marvel Model PA13/3 12’’ Horizontal with Automatic Indexer


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